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People from the cities and the fields
do you know what is under the foam of the sea?
where the lives are engendered
drop to drop, brushstroke to brushstroke

How sweet the breeze
of the waves that produce
your little seahorses
big-bellied adrift

If you are diver, is good for you to know why the Galápagos archipelago was declared:

Until 2014

- On 2004 The "Shark-Mecca" of the world (Darwin and Wolf islands)
- On 2002 Natural heritage of humanity
- On 2000 The top dive destination
- On 1992 Whales sanctuary
- On 1989 One of the seven underwater wonders of the world
- On 1987 Marine resources reserve
- On 1985 Reserve of the biosphere
- On 1979 World heritage site

You can understand this just when you share your life some minutes with amazing animals like whale sharks, whales, orcas, dolphins. Hammerheads, galapagos & white/black tip sharks. Manta, golden, eagle & sting rays, marine turtles, morays, sea lions and more than 450 species of tropical fish and invertebrates.

Our organization, the first and unique DIVE CENTRAL in Ecuador has been created in 2003 to offer all diving operations in Ecuador, the only one that includes: Living on board diving cruises to Darwin & Wolf islands in Galapagos. PADI dive schools and dive centers for daily diving tours at Galapagos and at the mainland places like, Quito, Puerto Lopez-Machalilla National Park and at Manabí, Guayas and Esmeraldas provinces.

This with the endorsement of our dive travel agencie, hotels, air lines, transport and hyperbaric chambers. Always with highly qualified, our directory have more than 20 years of experience for this type of expeditions, guaranteeing you quality and the most important: security.

Our clients go from TV channels, scientific institutions, researches, environmental work, universities, high schools, novice divers, advanced, dive masters, instructors, photographers, filmmakers, dive centers and all kind of organizations around the world

As alternative services for our divers and for the ones who are not we gave advices or/and organize all the great scale of possibilities for tours as living on boards with land visits cruises at the Galapagos archipelago our outdoor multi-sport specialist that include trekking, climbing, horseback riding, white waters and sea kayaking, rafting, kite surfing, surfing, jungle trek, jungle canoeing, canopy, paragliding, mountain biking.

Or our classic trips for not sport people like, whale watching, jungle packages, bird watching, volcanoes, city tours, museums, ruins, popular parties, haciendas, Indian markets and  towns.

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